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Sliquid Balance Soak Coconut Papaya 255ml

Sliquid Balance Soak Coconut Papaya 255ml

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Sliquid Balance Soak Coconut Papaya bubble bath that nourishes and softens the skin without any harsh ingredients.
Sliquid Balance contains coconut essential oil, sea salt, mango, and shea butter. The pH-neutral formula helps to take care of intimate hygiene.
Made using high-quality 100% vegan ingredients. With a glycerin and paraben free formula, this bubble bath is safe for regular use.
Sliquid is an intimate lubricant company providing a body safe and vegan-friendly product line formulated with the safest ingredients.

Features Details
Brand Sliquid
Product Type Intimate wash
Base Ingredient Water-Based
Features For Clean Hygiene
Fragrance Coconut
Used for Body Wash & Shower
Friendly with Bare Skin

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